Alderfer / Three Sisters Park

Location: Jefferson County Open Space
Nearest town: Evergreen
Distance from Denver: 30 mi / 0:40
Trail distance: Many variations available; this was a 2.5 mi loop
Elevation: ~7,200 ft
Directions: From Hwy 74 (Evergreen Pkwy) at Evergreen, go south on Hwy 73, then go west on Buffalo Park Rd past the high school, about 1.0 mi to the eastern TH.
Dates hiked: 12/2011 and 09/2012; photos from 12/2011
Additional resources:
Jefferson County Open Space
The Colorado Hiker

Trail notes and photos:
Eastern and western parking area, plus miles well-marked trails means plenty of options here. Alderfer / Three Sisters is a quick drive from Denver, but gets you up in elevation enough to get some weather and views of Mt. Evans and surrounding peaks. This trail is accessible most of the year, even if you need Yak Traks to get through shady icy spots.

This time I started from the eastern TH and looped CCW: Sisters Trail – L on Ponderosa – R to Brother’s Lookout and back down – L on Sisters Trail – stay L to Hidden Fawn back to TH.

View from Brother’s Lookout

Mt. Evans again from Brother’s Lookout


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