Guanella Pass

Location: Loop drive from Denver, west on 285, north along Guanella Pass, and back on I-70
Driving distance: 122 mi loop
Elevation: Guanella Pass is at 11,669 ft
Directions: Hwy 285 west (~48 miles from Santa Fe Drive). Right at the town of Grant, north on Guanella Pass (seasonal road, check for closures). To Georgetown, on the other side of the pass, is 22 miles. From there to Denver via I-70 is ~46 miles.
Date driven: 09/2012
Additional resources:
Georgetown, CO website

Trail notes and photos:
Gorgeous drive either direction. Great fall colors. Plentiful hiking along the way, especially at the Pass and just off the northern side of the Pass. See my post on Threemile Creek trail, hiked the same day, and one on Silver Dollar Lake, soon to come.

For campers, I checked out Burning Bear Forest Service Campground along the way. It’s a small place with about 10 sites, less developed, nice views. I would definitely camp there.

Guanella Pass views

East side of Guanella Pass

Guanella Pass views

Atop Guanella Pass with views of Mt Bierstadt and The Sawtooth

Dropping off the pass into Georgetown

Check out this comparison of Sept 22, 2008 below versus…

Sept 22, 2008 fall colors on the north side of Guanella Pass

…here’s Sept 28, 2012 in the same spot where I happened to pull over again to capture the fall colors.

Sept 27, 2010 fall colors on the north side of Guanella Pass


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